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How to transfer a pattern like a pro

So you have an image that you want to stitch. Maybe you purchased an embroidery pattern. Maybe you drew something yourself. Maybe you want to turn your daughter's artwork into a stitched memory. But you don't have a lightbox. What can you do?

One of my closest friends has a few words that are important to her, and I wanted to stitch and frame them as a surprise to her. I walked around my home to find the window that had good light and taped up the paper that I had written the words on.

Next I chose the fabric I wanted to stitch onto and simply traced the pattern onto my fabric with the first pencil I found. Your stitches will cover the pencil marks so that no erasing will be necessary. If it's very cold, be sure to wear a sweatshirt and maybe even a toque. If there's a fireplace in the room you may want to light that as well. Standing next to a drafty window for so long could be unbearable if you aren't prepared. This is not a fast process!

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