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Mini KC Football Stampler Kit

Mini KC Football Stampler Kit

SKU: 782675370243

This mini Stampler features the lettering of Gale @galenation and the designs, carving, & stamping of Amy @imperfectlybeautifulus! This kit includes red & yellow floss and a needle, so you are all set. Have fun customizing your Stampler! 

*Stampler is sold unstitched with the stamped fabric and includes floss, needle, and backing fabric.


    Please iron on reverse before stitching if creases occur during shipping.


    I always begin all my Stamplers, whether the piece is a miniature or full version, with gathering ideas and then follow that with several sketches of my listed ideas. **For this Stampler, I communicated my vision to Jen and then she sent me her finished doodles. ** After reversing the image, I carve out the negative space from linoleum. Once the images are carved, the layout of the design often changes. Each Stampler is hand-stamped and then ironed on the reverse side to set the stamps. These techniques lead to a unique piece that will give you hours of stitching fun. My Stamplers could also be framed and displayed as is, or you could even try painting them. It's also fun to combine both stitching & watercolor! Most of all, I hope you have fun and remember that the goal is to use what I've made to create something imperfectly beautiful!

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