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Framing your stitches without any glitches

So you've stitched up a beauty and you want to hang it on the wall. Maybe it's a handmade gift for a friend. Maybe you need to refresh your decor with some hand embroidery. Maybe you're ready to display your art in a public place. But it's so difficult to get the textile to lay straight in the frame. What can you do?

For this method, you will need to have stitched on a piece of fabric that is much larger than the frame. (Or you will need to sew your stitching onto a larger piece of fabric. But it's better if you plan ahead and stitch on a larger piece of fabric. I know it might be hard to plan ahead when stitching, but sometimes it really helps. Like when you're framing.) You will also need a piece of cardboard or a canvas panel. Fold the fabric tightly around the back of the panel on all four edges. Check to make sure the embroidery is centered on the panel. Then use heavy cotton thread and sew the long edges of the fabric together. Now sew the shorter edges of the fabric together. Now your fabric is unwrinkled and ready to put in the frame!

If needed, secure the stitched piece to the back side of the framing mat with tape.

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